Listed are the posts for June 2011.

Life Purpose Alignment

  What area of your life could be blocking you from reconnecting to your soul’s true purpose? LIFE PURPOSE Alignment will identify the blocks that have steered you away from manifesting the qualities required to open a pathway to what your heart desires. In order to fully integrate this process in the different aspects of your life […]

Business / Organisation Alignment

A new revolutionary approach to leading your business/organisation to success on all levels. WHAT IS ORGANISATION ALIGNMENT? It is a holistic system of analyzing and assessing the alignment of the organisation with its Mission Statement. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Provides solutions to the weak areas and ways to use the […]

Home Alignment

Home Alignment creates a sacred space for domestic homes, commercial buildings or land. The home/office is an extension of oneself and reflects facets of ourselves from our early experiences individually and collectively. This influences our relationship with our personal space, home space, environmental surroundings and the cosmos. A home or business similar to the human […]

Body Spin

LIFE ALIGNMENT IS AN INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITED COURSE AND BODY SPIN IS THE ENTRY POINT INTO THE LIFE ALIGNMENT CURRICULUM. In Body Spin we learn that the body is a profound organism, that’s designed to accommodate and express the essence of who we are. In this introductory workshop you will learn how to support a variety […]