Listed are the posts for March 2012.

Creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities

Dear Life Alignment colleagues, students and friends We have discovered some creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities. I would like to thank Arleen who has successfully taught a student in New Zealand and with some of her inputs I was given some ideas on how to support teaching Avinash. He has now […]

Happy ending, for Nougat a stray dog in Mauritius!

 As you know I was looking for a home for Nougat that was a stray dog that attached herself to me whilst out walking along the beach one day. I have been looking after her for two weeks and got very fond to her once I got to know her lovely nature. On Friday I […]

Happy island greetings from Mauritius!

November 2012 Happy island greetings from Mauritius! As I was taking my early morning walk this morning I noticed the air was filled with the delicate fragrance of incense which was the first sign that there was something different about today. My attention was diverted away from gazing at the empty plastic bottles and other […]

What will your eyes reveal in an Iris balance!

The eye is believed to be the mirror of the soul. In Iridology, it is understood that the fibers of the iris correspond to a related part of the body, according to the position in the iris. The structure of the eye reveals the genetic composition of the body, indicating genetic strengths and weaknesses. Iris […]


GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!                                           Distant healing can be received from wherever you are in the world. You can connect with me for a 20 minute SKYPE session to receive feedback about your healing which will bring you into conscious awareness in a specific area in your life that needs to be brought into alignment. Sessions are […]