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Get out of your head and into your life for self-confidence.

Road blocks or ‘life tests’ become a block when your subconscious is taken over by fear-based beliefs. These can arise from your past such as pre-conditioning from your childhood or your perceptions based on your life experiences and the way you view them. Your beliefs then become the triggers that send an alarm response to your subconscious mind. […]

Creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities

Dear Life Alignment colleagues, students and friends We have discovered some creative ways to teach L.A to people with disabilities. I would like to thank Arleen who has successfully taught a student in New Zealand and with some of her inputs I was given some ideas on how to support teaching Avinash. He has now […]

Quantum magic via a clairaudience experience, part 1

[fb-share]   An article about HYPER COMMUNICATION has motivated me to write about an amazing clairaudience experience I had in 2005. It was only in 2012 that I understood the full meaning of the message which was given in only two words. QUANTUM MAGIC VIA A CLAIRAUDIENCE EXPERIENCE, PART 1 My husband and I moved […]

Quantum magic via a clairaudience experience, part 2

Over the years that followed this unforgettable clairaudience experience, the only name that came close to match Kate Brian was Byron Katie who is sometimes referred to as Kate Byron.  I did ponder if I was supposed to connect with her work as it identifies and questions the thoughts that cause anger, fear, depression, addiction […]

Quantum magic via a clairaudience experience, part 3

I popped some healing tools into my bag as surely the purpose of us meeting had to do with healing something about this tragedy. As we chatted getting to know each other more we were amazed that we had other things in common that neither of us expected.  Not only had we shared the same […]

Testimonial 10 years later…

30/03/14         I would like to share my first healing and body alignment session with Christine which was almost 10 years ago as it has changed my life. Christine did not know anything about me so I was amazed when she discovered a major devastating event in my past which had impacted […]

Life Path Process

  Are you in ALIGNMENT with your Life Path? If the answer is no and your feel stuck in your life, don’t miss this opportunity to get it back on trek. Whilst our hearts may know what it longs for, our higher self knows how we are, unconsciously, throwing up temporary road blocks, and what […]


  Have you experienced a struggle of some sort in your life? Naturally we don’t want to share our stories as it may make us feel vulnerable or seem weak in some way. I believe that the more we are able to express and share our vulnerability and weaknesses the better we can help others with similar struggles. […]


Have you ever been mentally or emotionally consumed by pain from a past hurt? If so did you notice that at the time you could not function properly on your work because over 90 % of your awareness was distracted as you were so preoccupied with nursing your wounds? Carrying resentments from the past not […]

Is Energy Medicine The Medicine Of The Future?

It was eight years ago that I was drawn to study energy healing in the form of Life Alignment with world renowned healer and pioneer of the Life Alignment technique Dr Jeff Levin. (Dr of natural medicine) Passionate about what I was learning and experiencing I become a dedicated  practitioner and teacher of Life Alignment. […]

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