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Media Release – Life One

M E D I A   R E L E A S E  life one Date: 24 July 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JOY’S STORY – HOW LIFE ALIGNMENT CHANGED MY LIFE! Life is a journey. Joy Sifren-Sher has trekked through some of the most inhospitable recesses of the soul and come out on top. Her story […]

Pathways Article

The fundamental premise of Life Alignment is that all physicality is created by groups of frequencies vibrating at very high speeds.  This premise is validated at the Smithsonian exhibit in Washington where it is demonstrated that specific laser beams can pass through the human body, and objects, without resistance. Dr Jeff Levin the founder of […]

Northglen News Article – Healing with body alignment

Healing with body alignment written by Northglen News Journalist. 26 September 2006  

Life Alignment – A new healing system for a new era

Jeff Levin created Life Alignment when other health practitioners repeatedly asked him to teach his healing system to them. He had been healing intuitively for many years with great results but the challenge was to find a way to pass on his knowledge. It all started in 1983 when Jeff finally gave up his architecture […]

Life Alignment Success Story by Megan Toni Couchman

Life Alignment helped save Megan Couchman’s life. She was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) at the age of 15 when she could no longer swallow or speak properly and felt constantly weak. She tried all avenues, allopathic and alternative. “It was only when I started Life Alignment, that my life improved dramatically,” said Meg. Myasthenia […]