Category: Personal Healing sessions

Life Path Process

  Are you in ALIGNMENT with your Life Path? If the answer is no and your feel stuck in your life, don’t miss this opportunity to get it back on trek. Whilst our hearts may know what it longs for, our higher self knows how we are, unconsciously, throwing up temporary road blocks, and what […]

Life Purpose Alignment

  What area of your life could be blocking you from reconnecting to your soul’s true purpose? LIFE PURPOSE Alignment will identify the blocks that have steered you away from manifesting the qualities required to open a pathway to what your heart desires. In order to fully integrate this process in the different aspects of your life […]

Body Spin

LIFE ALIGNMENT IS AN INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITED COURSE AND BODY SPIN IS THE ENTRY POINT INTO THE LIFE ALIGNMENT CURRICULUM. In Body Spin we learn that the body is a profound organism, that’s designed to accommodate and express the essence of who we are. In this introductory workshop you will learn how to support a variety […]

Vortex Alignment

WHAT IS VORTEX ENERGY? The vortex system of healing is a collection of individual potenized vortex cards that hold restructured magnets. Dr Jeff Levin energizes each card to have a unique and specific frequency that will assist in accelerating and deepening the healing of the body and our environment. The cards are covered in a […]

Long Distance Healing

Long distance balancing is very effective for anyone who is unable to be present physically. It is a perfect option for young children who may not lie still for long, for helping family issues, persons hospitalized, in a coma, immobilised or perhaps you are living in a different location. It’s also perfect for balancing your […]

Life Alignment and Reiki Private Session.

Our body is like a computer, storing memories of past trauma, toxicity & suppressed emotions. Negative emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level & become part of our biological systems. Health is influenced by our actions, thoughts & emotions, therefore we need to work through & eradicate the indicate cause. […]