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Testimonials for Life Alignment & Body Spin Workshop

Testimonial for Christine Hardy My name is Mandy Johnson, I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Massage Therapist and I also have just completed my Honours in Psychology at UNISA. I have my own practice in Durban North working with complementary therapies. Over the years I have had the privilege of doing many courses and experiencing […]

Testimonials for Home Alignment

Testimonial for Home Alignment. I have had nothing but bad luck at my home (list of things like curse from the domestic worker to children’s pets dying, business, Strained relationships,) no need to give long intimate details. I called Christine who was recommended by friend to ask if she could help to shift whatever it […]

Testimonials for Business Alignment

Testimonial – Company Alignment (Albion Guesthouse) Edited to shorten. I have to say that I am very impressed with the process and results. With any business there is always room for improvement and at times you don’t realize that personal aspects do have an impact on the business on relationships within the business. Our business […]

Testimonials for Distant Healing

Remote healing on child diagnosed with border – line autism. My son and daughter in- law were at their wits end trying to find out why my grandson Kyle was such a problematic child. At age 3 he couldn’t be disciplined, he had bad temper tantrums and just simply never obeyed instructions. Bed times, meal […]

Testimonials on Courses and Workshops

Hi Christine, Since my session on the module 2 workshop I feel like a new person. After the process I knew something so toxic had literally left my body and my spirit. I feel like I’m different, changed in some major way for the better. I certainly felt the energy shifting emotionally, spiritually and physically. […]

Aura Experiment

The purpose of the experiment was to record the colours and state of the chakra while holding a thought. While still holding the thought vortex cards were placed on the chakras and a chakra reading was taken again after balancing poisons and toxins. This is necessary as the Vortex cards do release emotional and energetic […]

Testimonials for Private treatment session

(Shortened for testimonial) Date: 27th December 2012 Place: Mauritius Hello Christine, Thank you ever so much for being an ‘instrument’ of inner peace for others, for your time and energy spent in helping others making their lives and their world a better place. Just to keep you posted about my ‘jaw imbalance’ problem… I was […]

International Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL FROM A DOCTOR IN MAURITIUS Sometime in December 2011 I met Christine Hardy  who invited  me to come for a Life Alignment  session- “ just to show you what I can do”. So  a few days later I  was lying on the couch for a “rebalancing session” and was impressed with the precise detective […]