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Course Dates, Costs & Important registration information

International courses are organised regularly, if you have a group of people that would like to book courses with Christine please contact her on  Courses held in Australia, Mauritius and South Africa. All dates are booked on request. Pendulum Dowsing for health Workshop Durban Date: Sat February 18th 2017 Duration 1 day Time: 9am – 4pm Venue: La Lucia […]

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

For dates, times, costs and venue, please : See Course Summary Page Raise your conscious awareness and enhance your intuition by learning how to use a pendulum by going beyond the normal 5 senses!   This exciting new workshop welcomes all people with an open mind, who wish to be empowered to make decisions and […]

Body Spin Course

For dates, times, costs and venue, please : See Course Summary Page BODY SPIN IS AN INTERNATIONAL INTRODUCTORY CERTIFICATED COURSE INTO ENERGY HEALING. Body Spin balances aspects of our life experiences: Health & emotional wellbeing, family, Relationships, career, creativity, life purpose & environment. Learn: Use of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing); Dowsing with a pendulum; Balancing Vortex Energy […]

Module 1 Life Alignment

For dates, times, costs and venue, please : See Course Summary Page MODULE 1 SYLLIBUS Balancing organs, glands and micro-organisms Balancing Body Circuits – communication between organs & glands via the meridians Balancing Corpus Callosum – learning difficulties Spine Balance Emotional Erase releases emotional charge for fear, self destruct, suppressed anger, grief, rejected, separated, speaking out, […]

Module 2 Life Alignment

For dates, times, costs and venue, please : See Course Summary Page Module 2 Syllabus Analysis and correction of Body Systems, organs and energy systems Balancing Meridians and 7 Chakras Balancing and Aligning Subtle Bodies – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Residue Balance – good for vaccines and inoculations Balancing pain Processing stored emotional patterns – how to […]